About me

There are so many versions of me, but they are all the same me…

My name is Alexa, but I prefer to be called Lexy. Lexacution is my performance and artist name.

If I had to describe myself and pigeon hole myself into words and categories I would use the following words to paint a picture of my being:

Artistic, traveller, free spirit, passionate, tenacious, maverick, bohemian, anxious, vegan, political, blunt and just me.

I am a mixed textile artist specialising in water colour and fabric arts. Some of my art work has been on display at various exhibitions including Rebellion Music Festival in Blackpool. I do walkabout performing and living art installations at the Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Ball in Cambridge. All of my costumes are 100% designed and Handmade by me. 

Currently  I  studying at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts completing my foundation in Art and Design and then I plan to go to further my education and study Costume Design and construction for Film, TV and Theatre.

All photographs, images, and text featured on my main blog are my own work and words unless otherwise stated.