Final Major Project- Installation Set Up – June 9

TODAY WAS THE DAY! The final day of my ENTIRE project! The set up! I was kinda of half expecting my room to not be ready at 9 am after the previous days, however, it was! I was so stressed over this that I barely slept and had a pretty bad headache for the whole day while setting up… I’m sorry to anyone who crossed my path as I may have been a bit grumpy…

My installation space was 2.5m x 4m (approx.).

I had to make last minute changes as my walls were uneven.  I really needed all the height I could get so that I could make a wall of criss crossed geometric strings, but that was going to be impossible so I quickly had to adjust and improvise.

Uneven Walls….

I was using a thin 100% cotton yarn and a staple gun to get the clean crisp lines that would mimic the embroidery on the photographs and the costume (cape and Mask). A lot of it was improvisation as I only had a few hours to set up my entire installation and also the design of my space was changed so I had to act quick  I decided that I would make use the wall to the left for my height and put the strings to the bottom of the wall on the right hand side. making the audience walk around the left side into the exhibition. I also added the threads all across the tops, coming down the walls and also around the entrance into the front of the exhibition. As I started adding more and more geometric criss cross strings the space started to become enclosed and it started to feel like you really were entangled in a web… which was what I initially wanted, but it wasn’t until I started doing it that it really started to come together. I fell like it has brought my whole project together now and I am REALLY happy with it.

Geometric criss cross of strings up the front corner of installation space


Overhead View of the Strings attached to the solid wall. I was able to get them REALLY high up. I love the shadows they created. 
Gold Beads (same ones used on the costume) Tied in the overlapping criss cross of the strings to symbolise the lies in the web.
Gold Beads (same ones used on the costume) Tied in the overlapping criss cross of the strings to symbolise the lies in the web.

One of the things that bothers me the most is that I wish that the floor was white and not that horrible paint splattered mess. I would have had a red carpet that weaved through the strings where the audience would have walked. However, with lack of money, time restrictions and because of various other reasons… this was not possible.

Setting up the costume was really straight forward and it was fun to see it all come together as I hadn’t actually seen it all put together as I was still finishing bits and pieces of it. The only problem I really encountered was putting the gold bars on the hands. The hands of the mannequin were covered in long white gloves, and I ended up having to super glue the gold bars to the gloves! haha I suppose I wont be reusing those any time soon…

If i do say so myself, It looks pretty fantastic and menacing… and that is exactly what I was going for. It stands over 6 feet tall. The masks at the bottom of my costume are still probably one of my favourite creations.


The last thing to put up was all of my photographs. I used blue tack to put them all up… and boy did it take ages! I am really proud of all my photography and embroidery on them. I put them along the long sides of the installation (left and right walls). I didn’t have an exact plan for how they were to go on the walls so it was a matter of trial and error until it looks right.


Here are some photos of the final installation just taken on my phone. I will be taking more professional ones soon but here are some for now ! I am so happy with how my installation turned out even though it was a long, taxing day with lots of problem solving!

Door into the installation with the strings wrapped through to the front


Flyers and Business Cards on Display

It was recently mentioned to me that everything I create is generally really theatrical. I found this pretty interesting to hear and i never fully considered it. This piece wasn’t meant to be theatrical but I suppose that is where my brain just takes me. The way that it is all layed out and I made the design model box is something that you would see a set designer do…. really interesting observation fellow classmates!




  1. It has been great following the process of you creating this installation. The final product looks amazing! I hope a lot of people take the opportunity to go and watch it. 🙂


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