Final Major Project – June 8

Today I was suppose to have access to my exhibition space in order to start setting up. Unfortunately when I arrived  was informed that my spam still was not set up. I don’t mean to sound whiney or complain but this was really infuriating because I had allocated a set amount of time for both the Thursday and the Friday to set up my installation and that would allow me to set it up the way it needed to be as well as wiggle room time for error.

I have EVERYTHING ready to go for my exhibition and all my work is done and handed in, so there really isn’t anything that I can do now

Sadly I have to wait for tomorrow now and hope to gosh that the exhibition space is set up and ready for me to crack on.

I suppose at least I have the rest of the day off to start packing my room away and sorting  and organising my way through a ridiculous amount of art supplies that I have acquired over the years!


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