Photography Dreams, Needs, and Practicality

As the summer quickly approaches, I need to start thinking about new projects I want to do. I plan to learn a lot more about photography and have signed up for a few courses.

If you know me, and frequent my blog regularly, you would know that I absolutely adore my analogue photography. Specifically photography with my Olympus Trip Camera. I love how there is ONE chance to capture the perfect shot. How you can develop your own film in the dark room, and the art becomes your own.

Along with my gorgeous vintage camera…. I have a BEAUTIFUL Nikon camera that was given to me a few years ago for christmas and I have some great lenses and kit that goes along with it, but I have never really used it because I have no idea what I am doing with it.

I think I have a serious aversion to digital photography for several reasons.

  1. When you see a digital image you never know what is real or not.
  2. You can re take a shot 100 times if you don’t like how they look
  3. I don’t understand a lot about technology…
  4. They are so big and bulky!
  5. Everyone who has a digital camera thinks they are a photographer…

There are more reasons but I would start to annoy photographers so I will just stop there. HOWEVER. With all that being said I understand the perks of digital photography and it would be INCREDIBLY beneficial for me to learn and embrace the digital age and everything it has to offer…

I would like to be able to take my digital camera a long with my analogue camera oh my travels

I am going to learn Product Photography so that I can properly document and market what I make to sell and also just for my portfolio, and also travel photography… for obvious reasons.

Doing my art installation I have a developed a fondness for photography I didn’t think I would ever acquire and would love to use it in all of my work. I thinks its key to be able to document your surroundings, especially things that inspire me or are relevant for the research i am doing for specific projects.

This is my summer plan to semi master (I say that loosely… I know it takes YEARS to master photography…. and a lot of training) my photography skills.


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